Discover EDOS, an ethically made and eco-conscious independent swimwear brand. A brand inspired by the infinite beauty of nature and "Endless Days of Sun". 

EDOS swimwear are feminine, timeless and versatile. Our products are designed for you to wear from day to night.

At EDOS sustainability is an aspiration, and a journey where we aim to constantly learn, improve, apply new and more innovative ways in making our items to endure for season after season with a minimum waste. We commit to always seek to use the waste for the raw materials which can lead to the next items. 

As a slow fashion (season-less approach) brand we encourage our clients to consider fashion's negative impact on the environment. Each action can make a difference to minimise our impact on our planet. Our approach is to buy items with longevity in mind, enforcing "buy less, buy better"philosophy.

Our founder, Mihaela has the following vision for EDOS: "Women should feel confident, empowered and happy when wearing EDOS pieces. EDOS has a strong commitment to preserve our environment by sourcing sustainable materials and minimising waste without compromising on quality".

EDOS items are available in sizes XS to L, if you are looking for bigger sizes please contact us.